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Celtics Links - 7/7/07

Boston Herald
Green get the best of Oden.  
Celtics may have hit the lottery as undrafted rookie shines. Green Bandwagon Note - I hope Brandon Wallace signs with the Celtics and makes a tremendous contribution to the team. But this article screams of off season optimism. Also for those of you who have not followed the Doc Rivers era closely, he is a master of subtly praising himself and throwing his players under the bus. In this article he does the former with this gem:

"'We may have gotten really lucky here,' said Rivers. `We thought he might be able to be an active 4, but then seeing him in our league with all the strength I was thinking he won't survive at that spot. Then at the (Thursday) morning coaches meeting, I said, `Guys, I think he's a 3. Let's just throw him at the 3 and see what happens.'"

Maybe I am overanalyzing things here. But it is the Rivers' way. Trust me. Back to Wallace. If someone can get me footage of him hitting a mid range jumper with Tommy Heinsohn saying, "That's the shot that is going to make him an All Star" then I will officially jump on the Wallace bandwagon. No sooner.  
Boston Celtics Blog
Summer League update.
Celtics 74, Blazers 66 recap.
Foul trouble slows Oden as Celtics grab the victory.
Loy's Place
Celtics impress in first summer league game.  
Celtics vs. Blazers, full game in case you missed it. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm trying to figure out how to work this on the computer I have access to, but it appears to be footage from the summer league game. If so, well done Loy's Place.
CelticsStuff Live
Ainge working on a contract for Brandon Wallace.  
Oregon Live
Fouls oust Oden in debut loss. Green Bandwagon Note - It does not matter one bit what Oden does in Summer League as long as he does not get hurt.
Being a Celtic, Sergio Sanchez blog.  
Celtics 17
Cheaper choices coming in.
Boston has its own Nocioni.  
Ainge wrong to blame Pierce if Celtics fail.
Can Danny
Snap reaction, Summer League game 1.