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Summer League recently posted the C's roster for the Vegas Summer league. I stumbled upon it via
Celtics Blog and really enjoyed the points comments about each individual player. I have decided to post my own comments here:

Lance Allred - Despite all that Lance Armstrong accomplished I think naming you son "Lance" is a bit of a curse.
Pat Carrol - We know his brother can shoot.
Glen Davis - I'd feel better about his future and ability to keep off weight if Davis constantly scowled, was a terrible interview and was often described as "moody".
Andreas Glyniadakis - He's 7-1 and has played in summer league 2 years in a row for different franchises. I'm going to go out on a limb here and call him a stiff.
Gerald Green - I think it's time for someone on the C's to pull him aside the way Ben Affleck did with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting and give him the whole you're better than this speech. Long story short this should be Green's last summer league appearance.
Eric Hicks - ?
Leon Powe - I officially can't speak rationally about him. Damn you Tommy Heinsohn.
Gabe Pruitt - I'm really not sold on him.
Allan Ray - Let's get one thing straight. Ray will never be a good point guard in the NBA. It just does not work like that. I'm sorry. Don't hate me.
Rajon Rondo - My man.
Sergio Sanchez - Replaced Sergio Rodriguez. Yeah and a ton of guys replaced Dan Marino.
Brandon Wallace - I feel better about him because Gerald Wallace came out of nowhere and is awesome. And they have the same last name. You only get the most in depth analysis at Green Bandwagon.