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More Notes From Game 1

Lost in the excitement of Brandon "William" Wallace was the rest of the game.  And there was plenty to take in.

  • Everyone thought the Big Baby would take the Grown Man's job.  Not happening anytime soon.  Powe was the star of the game playing against Oden and Aldridge.  He played solid D, picked up rebounds, and kept attacking the basket - never backing down even after being blocked on a number of occasions.
  • Gerald Green chipped in with some good shooting and improved defense.
  • 10 fouls Oden?  10?  Has anyone in history gotten 10 fouls in their first pro game?  Not only do the rules have to allow for it, but the team has to leave the guy in that long.  If Lance Allred had kept up that pace, do you think he'd be in the game long enough to get number 10?  Do you think he'd even be invited back the next day?  I'm just sayin.
  • Gabe Pruitt showed some shooting touch and had a decent game.
  • Rondo looked ok, but as the announcers were repeating every 30 seconds, he does need to look to finish on his drives to the bucket instead of passing off every time.  His 80 footer at the end of the first quarter was SportsCenter top-plays worthy.
  • Allan Ray was ice cold from the floor for much of the game but still managed to impress Doc with some of the other things he was doing on the court.
  • No run for Torin Francis.  Only a few minutes of time for the big Greek kid.  So much for my hopes that we'd find a 7 footer in summer league.
  • DNP-CD for blogger Sergio Sanchez.  Give him some run!  We bloggers gotta stick together.