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Daily Links 7/7

CelticsStuff Live   Ainge working on contract for Brandon Wallace

Herald    Green get the best of Oden
Celtics may have hit the lottery as undrafted rookie shines    
Globe    Blazers will bring Oden along slowly  
Globe Celtics Blog   Summer League update 
ESPN   Billups and Detroit reach an agreement
Debut review: Oden's outing much fouler than Durant's 
Yi finally meets the Bucks, then shines on court     Celtics 74 and Blazers 66 recap    Foul trouble slows Oden as Celtics grab the victory 
LOY's Place    Celtics impress in first summer league game
Celtics vs Portland full game  for those who missed it
Oregon Live   Fouls oust Oden in debut loss
Blazers Behind the Beat    Oden is ready despite a sinus infection
Hoopshype    Being a Celtic,   Sergio Sanchez blog
Celtics 17   Cheaper choices coming in
Boston has it's own Nocioni 
Hoopsvibe    Ainge wrong to blame Pierce if Celtics fail 
The Star     Nothing but (inter)net
Talking Points     Warriors dream of getting Yi and Garnett  
Hoopsworld    The Wolves, Garnett and cap space     Oden struggles and fouls out in Summer League debut 
Yahoo Sports   Summer League report good and bad
Can Danny     Snap reaction Summer League game 1
Only 10 Things    10 things about Summer League game number 1

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