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A Report from Blazers Edge

Dave from Blazers Edge, another SB Nation blog, is all credentialed (I like it so it's a word) up in Las Vegas. I ignored the fact that I hate him for the whole Oden thing and asked him for some feedback on the C's/Blazers game. Kidding, kidding. I have no problem with him. And his insight is below:

"Pruitt was non-descript last night.  He didn't do poorly but he wasn't great that I saw.  Glen Davis had some nice rebounding work and he looked pretty comfortable out there even against Portland's heralded big men.  It's a good start.  He doesn't look that odd as far as body type either...he didn't stand out as bigger or fatter than the rest of the big men.  He looked nice.  Gerald Green looked really confident...much better than last year.  It looked like he was going to take charge of the court, at least when he got the ball.  No fear.  That's got to be good to see from a guy who needs some confidence."

Interesting news on Big Baby. The announcers went out of their way to compare his height to Charles Barkley. That's scary. But at least his weight looks decent. And Big Baby is comitted to losing slimming down, which may just be an optimistic summer story. Meanwhile, this has to be Gerald Green's last summer league. I really want him to pull a Big Al next season.