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Daily Links 7/9

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Herald    Green learning on job: Seeks well-rounded game 
It's what could have been for Pruitt and Davis
Globe   Taking baby steps:  Davis learning the pro game
Pioneer Press   Garnett doesn't want to leave Wolves    Updates and quotes from Vegas
ESPN Insider    Sheridan's news and notes from Vegas. Swift and Pitsnoogle most tattooed
LOY's Place   Brandon Wallace is making an impression
Preview:  Celtics vs Spurs  7/9 
FanHouse   Danny Ainge is certifiably insane  
Miami Herald   Kobe puts the Lakers in a no win situation
Journal Sentinel    Bucks convinced that Yi is the man 
Houston Chronicle    Fonde League lets players showcase skills and cut loose 
MVN Wolves Watch     Not too late to trade KG
Red's Army     Thanks for everything Delonte    Stern may get involved in Bucks' talk with Yi
Newsday    KG to Golden State talks are serious,  Kobe cuts Lakers slack 
Can Danny    Filling in the blanks:  Power forward 
Draft Express     Summer League day 2 
Salt Lake Tribune    Salt Lake Tribune picks up on May's article

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