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KGlaugh.jpgI usually try to keep a balanced perspective on the events surrounding this team.  I don't promise to be objective, and my opinions are pretty transparent, but time and experience has taught me the many sides to every story.  Furthermore, the ups always eventually turn to downs and vice versa, so I try not to get too excited or depressed for any one occasion. 

I’m going to take a break from that for a moment.  After the stomach punch of the Draft Lottery, I didn’t think my existence as a Celtics fan could get any lower.  I had no idea that fortune could change so quickly.  Words can’t express how good it feels to be a Celtics fan right now, but I sure will try. 

Watching that press conference yesterday, it was impossible for me to fully concentrate as I had periodic fits of giggles that I simply could not control.  I’ve had a glassy eyed grin on my face for the last 2 days.  Driving alone in my car the other day I just started shouting out "Kevin Garnett!" to nobody in particular.  I’m really quite beside myself. 

It would almost be embarrassing except that I know there are countless others out there feeling the same way.  Times like this make it really feel good to have a community of Celtics fans to share it with.  Times like this make the long hours and hard work I’ve done on this website all that much more gratifying.  I’m humbled and grateful for the popularity of this site and I must give tremendous thanks to everyone that has helped make it what it is.

This team is making its move.  A 17th Championship banner hasn’t felt this close since 1987.  This is appropriate because I’m feeling like I’m feeling like a 13 year old boy all over again.  My favorite non-Celtic player is now my favorite Celtic player.  He’s finally here.  After years of hope, rumors, trade chips, more rumors, broken deals, more trade chips, and more rumors, he’s finally coming to Boston.

This is really happening.

Let that sink in.  Breathe it.  Taste it.  This team is going for it.  Now.  Even if you don’t like the trade and think we are gave up too much, you have to admit that the team has a chance to be great.

We’ll have time to talk about how KG will fit in with Pierce and Ray Allen.  We’ll talk about what other players the team will have money left to put around them.  We’ll spend the rest of the offseason figuring out how the team is going to turn this on-paper Championship team into a real Championship team.

But for the time being, let us just soak in the moment.  Kevin Garnett is a Boston Celtic.  Wow.

See here for Press Conference video clips.

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