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New Coach

Keeping with a recent disturbing tradition of being hours, if not days late, on reporting Celtics news, here is the latest. The C's hired Tom Thibodeau as an assistant coach. He has previously spent a good deal of time coaching strong defenses with Jeff Van Gundy. Much like seemingly everyone else I am on board with the idea that Boston has to improve its defense. A few thoughts:

  1. Hopefully Thibodeau will help improve the C's defense without replicating the offensive efforts of two of his previous teams - the Knicks and Rockets. Not that he was responsible for those offenses. I'm just saying.
  2. It is a bit disappointing that people around the league consider Ray Allen and Paul Pierce good defenders when they want to be. Meanwhile, the fact that Kevin Garnett always brings it is going to open eyes in Boston.
  3. I've heard "that's how I roll" used by several people over the last few days. It made me realize that phrase is dead. Don't kill me I'm just the messenger. That's how I roll. See what I mean? Just wanted to see if you made it this far.

[Update] - Thibodeau's whole change of heart episode with the Washington Wizards still bewilders me a bit, as it was never adequately explained. Yet I like the fact that he keeps a low profile with the media.

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