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Daily Links 8/10

 Celtics Stuff Live   Three little words  

Herald   Garnett’s Minnesota legacy: High-priced star who missed the big one     
New Celtics agree that this is the place to be  
Celtics Insider   Celtics to sign Tom Thibodeau    
Globe   Celtics sign Pollard and House (video included)  
Globe Celtics Blog   Pollard and House are ready to go    
Hoopsworld    Offseason awards       
New Celtics bring enthusiasm and humor to Boston    
ESPN    Video:  House of flops     
Video:    How big men cheat       
Cheating plays are ingrained in the game of basketball  
Is coming out of retirement a new fad? (Celt's chasing Sprewell?)          
LOY's Place   Tom Thibodeau - defensive guru    
Detroit Free Press   Billups helped convince Garnett to become a Celtic    
KU Sports   Ex-Jayhawk excited to join the Celtics   
NY Daily News   Ref still hiding and wife blows whistle on media      
Demopolis Times   Ratliff dedicated to center    
Hartford Courant   Pollard and House are newest Celtics      
CBS Sportsline   If Miller wants it, he should get back inside the NBA     
Epic Carnival    Celtics keen for Cousy comeback   The Human Eraser     
Press conference follow up with Kevin McHale   
Views from Minnesota    Kevin Garnett and the Celtics     
Living the Boston Life   Kevin Garnett and the race controversy   
Basketbawful   3 against   
Wages of Wins Journal    Pistol Pete an early answer    
Post Bulletin   Minnesota fans have been lucky  Heat sign Penny Hardaway   (another golden oldie)      
Trojan NYC   Gabe's future is secure        
Betablare   The Boston Legacy 
Locked on Sports   The moves of the Boston Celtics    Pacers nation collectively cringes     
Talking Points   Too bad Jermaine O'Neal is no Kevin Garnett    
Blogger News Network    Why the Celtics won't win a championship    
Ballers Gamers or Scoundrels     NBA 07-08 rent a ring   Celtics sign House and Pollard     
LTD Hoops    Drinking that koolaid     
PRN News Wire   Pierce and Davis' all star charity weekend      
NBA Europe Live Tour   Games breakdown   
Can Danny    Bird should learn from McHale      
Eagle Tribune     Newest Celtic Pollard says he'll try to recruit Miller         


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