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Midlife Crisis?

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ReggieSome strong words coming out of Indy:

Somewhere in Malibu, Reggie Miller apparently is mulling the idea of returning from a two-year retirement.

If he decides to try it, he'll be receiving a visitor sometime soon.

"If he comes back I'd go to Southern California and beat his face in," Pacers personnel director Mel Daniels said Friday.

Daniels, a close friend of Miller's, has spoken with the 18-year Pacers veteran. And while he respects Miller's privacy, he is strongly advising Miller not to accept Boston's offer to attempt a comeback at age 42.

"I think he's having a midlife crisis," said Daniels, whose comeback attempt with New Jersey at age 32 following a one-year layoff ended after 11 games.

"It's exciting to think about and you're in the newspapers again, but when it comes right down to it there ain't nothing happening."