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Point or Not?

HouseWhen Eddie House was signed, a lot of people considered him to be an option at backup point guard.  However, as Celtics fans became more familiar with his game, most seem to think he's more of a shooting guard, or at most a scoring point.  Rumors seem to indicate that the Celtics are still keeping an eye out for a backup point guard, so maybe they agree.  But the question of House's position came up again this weekend.  From House himself in the Globe:

"I played point when I was with Phoenix," said House. "I played the point when I was with Sacramento. I played the point when I was with the Clippers, when I was with Miami. The whole time I played the point except for last year [with New Jersey]. People forget. It's just the latest thing on your mind is what you remember, and that's me last year playing the 2 [shooting guard], Jason [ Kidd] running the 1 [point guard], Marcus [ Williams] running the 1. People are always thinking that all I can do is shoot. That's just motivation for me, to go and show again that I can play the 1. I'm not going to bring the ball up and a dude is going to take it from me. That's not going to happen. My role is whatever Doc [ Rivers] wants me to do. If he wants me to play the 1, I'll play the 1. If he wants me to play the 2, I'll play the 2."

That view, however, was contradicted by House's last employer Rod Thorn of the Nets (from the Herald):

"He’s not really a point," said Thorn. "But he can sure make shots in a hurry. I can’t say enough good things about Eddie."

Finally, a word of warning from Mark Murphy:

One area to keep an eye on, however, may be House’s health. He missed time last season to knee trouble, and then missed the playoffs after getting flagrantly fouled by Indiana’s David Harrison. House suffered a tear in his hip.

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