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Daily Links 8/13

The honeymoon is over.  Nothing in any of the Boston media about the Celtics today.  Guess Danny has to make another move to stir up the media.  The Blogs are still working though and so here are the links such as they are:   Preseason Europe schedule  (Celtics have only 2 games)
LOY's Place   Perk is key to this season   
Green Bandwagon   5 stages of Rondo fandom   
Only 10 Things   Rondo crunching   Al Jefferson talks     
Scott's Shots     Dennis and Callahan locked out at WEEI   
Celtics 24/7     Not so fly for a white guy     
Inside USC    Weekend forum answers (Pruitt didn't pass his spring classes)   
Seacoast Online   Celtics don't need Miller's veteran presence     
One More Dying Quail       I might be psychic   
ABC News    Geriatric dream team     
Clutch 3    If Reggie comes back, he's coming back big   
20 Second Time Out    10 NBA players who returned    Answering the mail   Rockets hot, Wolves not in a busy off season    
Can Danny    Feeling Minnesota    
Real GM    Reggie working out twice a day
Red's Army   Bench looks to make its mark  
Red's Army has some announcements    

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