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Pierce Weighs In

Lots of great stuff in this article by Shira Springer catching up with Paul Pierce.  Thought I'd highlight the weight issue.

If all goes as planned, Pierce will start the season at close to his college playing weight of 230 pounds in an effort to improve his quickness and ability to guard players at different positions.

‘‘The last couple years, I played at 240, 245, but I think I’m going to go back down to my college weight and play at 230,’’ he said. ‘‘I’m at, like, 238 now. Playing at 240 or 245 is not bad, but I want to come in lighter and faster.

‘‘I’m focusing on my defense, being able to guard all three positions. The stuff I think about is if I have to go to shooting guard and defend and take pressure off Ray [Allen]. I don’t need that much extra weight. I just want the footwork and quickness to guard shooting guards.’’

He is also going to be headed to Boston early this summer to start working out with and hanging out with KG and Ray Allen.

I think he sees an opportunity to be a leader and this is his style.  I'll get into this in more detail later, but I see Paul's leadership style as one who likes to be one of the guys and shows extra attention and effort where it is needed.  KG is the emotional powerhouse and Ray Allen is the quiet, confiedent one, but Paul has his place in this leadership team.  He's rolling out the red carpet, and that's a pretty good start.

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