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Celtics Links - 8/14/07

Boston Herald
Pierce goes one on one.
A Magic touch to a busy offseason.
Riley committed to coach Heat three more seasons. Green Bandwagon Note - I find this hard to believe.
Boston Globe
Pierce weights in on defense.
Celtics Blog
We three kings.
Loy's Place
The new rules of defense.
Shamrock Headband
Doc needs to be fired now.
Sports Column
Celtic Pride?
NBA Glue
The house that Paul built.
For Reggie it's the Celtics or no one.
Oregon Live
Celtics have serious interest in Udoka but poised to sign with Spurs.
Ray Allen to appear at Ludacris charity event.
Can Danny
So who's left?
The Coach's Take
The Celtics bench.
Golden State of Mind
Foyle buyout, likely to sign with Boston. Green Bandwagon Note - I haven't heard the Adonal Foyle rumor anywhere else and to be honest I am not the least bit excited by it.

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