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The Pink Hat Brigade

Kevin Henkin of Full Court Press has a very funny take on the bandwaggon fans that will be flocking to the TD this year.

Let’s face it. As Celtics fans, we’ve been spoiled this summer. Our team is on the map again and it’s been downright giddifying to watch the complete roster overhaul unfold before our very eyes. Instead of idle speculation on whether this is the year "the kids" realize their collective potential, we’ve elevated the debate to exactly how far this new team can roll in the playoffs. This is all good news, right? On the most obvious level, of course it is. Then again, there are some minor downsides to success. I present to you, as Exhibit A, the pending arrival of The Pink Hat Brigade.

He then proceeds to break down these fans into their own categories:

  • The Crusty Historians
  • The Actual Pink Hatters
  • The Shameless Frontrunners
  • The Gregarious Sales Hosts

I think that if you were on this site before lets say May (ie. before the lottery), then you are probably safely out of any of these categories.  If you haven't thought of the Celtics in years and just found this site because you did a google search on Celtics and Kevin Garnett, then you might just be one of the above.

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