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Daily Links 8/16

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Herald    Reggie trying to get into shape    
Donaghy admits guilt, Celtics Sixers game in question 
Globe   Donaghy enters plea of guilty to charges     
Teen has a ball with the Celtics   
Hoopsworld    The big men are back    USA Team blog     
LOY's Place   Red's Legacy:  Keep it simple   
Reggie and KG on ESPN radio   
CBS Sportsline   NBA mattering again   
MetroWest Daily    Miller mulling return with the C's    
Club Celtics    Top 10 moves of the offseason    
USA Today   Donaghy pleads guilty - bets began in 2003     
NY Post   Donaghy hints at other refs biases      
Suite 101   Perkins key to Celtics success  
True Hoop    Betting expert:  There's more to this story      
USA Basketball    Bosh pulls out of USA training due to plantar fasciitis     
Celtics 24/7    Podcast 10 Blogging and off season chatter     
ESPN   Donaghy's guilty pleas don't answer all the questions    
Scrimmage squad set to be USA Team's guinea pigs  
Simmons:  Separating the trades from the raids    Case pinpoints 4 games Donaghy may have fixed including Dec 13 Celtics game   Celtics victims of Karma        
Sideline View   Letter to Boston fans           
Shamrock Headband   Our bench is fat with talent    
Newsday   Donaghy takes felony plea, could get up to 25 years  
Indy Star    Garnett is wooing Reggie             
RealGM   In Beantown they trust     
TarHeel Mania   Jackie Manuel is a Celtic    
Hoopsvibe   Pierce's weight loss shows commitment to KG, RA, and Celtics      
Celtics 17    Assessing our bigs Scott Pollard     
Full Court Press    In the distance a sea of pink hats     
HoopsAddict    If cars were NBA players         
Wages of Wins   A look at the remaining free agents     
Parquet Pride     Keeping Pierce happy the right move      

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