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Who stole the nameplate?

During the debacle that was the 1997 season the Boston Celtics experienced many lows. However, it also spawned one of the greatest Boston sports mysteries. And no it is not the fact that M.L. Carr held a plane for Pervis Ellison. Though that was perplexing. Rather, I really need to know who stole the bus driver's nameplate prior to a game with Indiana. This led to Carr flipping out for the first time all season and threatening to make the team walk to the arena. The players did not take Carr's threats serious, took up a collection for the nameplate, never made the thief step forward and ultimately lost any respect they had for their coach. Well it has been ten years. Every player from that squad has left town. Tim Duncan is still dominating and making C's fans wonder what could have been. Give the people what they want. I welcome any comments or e-mails that can help resolve this mystery. Thank you.

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