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New Guys

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The Celtics have come to terms with Eddie House and Jackie Manuel. I know that House is an absolute gunner. He has bounced around the league and is by no means a playmaker. But it can't hurt to have a scorer coming off the bench. And he can shoot the 3. I'll have to check this at some point but I vaguely recall House getting some slightly negative press in Jack McCallum's Phonenix Suns book. Though tough, he may not be the hardest worker. For some reason I'm happy to have him aboard.

I know even less about Manuel. He is a UNC guy, which warranted or not, always makes people feel good. Word on the street is that he is not a scorer. Otherwise his skill set seems similar to Tony Allen's. I wonder if his signing is a subtle hint that the C's aren't expecting much from Allen in the coming season, particularly early on. Or maybe Ainge just needed another body, with an affordable contract.

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