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Bob Ryan's Big Bucket Of Cold Water

Bob Ryan checks in with a reality check column. Here are some snipets:

What's left on the Celtics' roster is by far the worst collection of proven talent in the NBA. Not one of the remaining 29 teams in Stern's world would even consider trading its fourth through 12th players for Boston's. There is no way Danny, Doc, Wyc, Steve, or Red's Ghost could look anyone in the eye and say otherwise.

And speaking of Rondo, what I am about to say is equally nonnegotiable, as well as being quite scary: Rondo is the fourth-best player on the Celtics' roster. No team in the league has such a colossal drop-off in talent and NBA desirability.

I like Rondo. He'll be around the NBA for a long time with his speed and defensive tenacity. But he needs experience, and there is the stupendous, "Yeah, but," concerning his shot. Backing up a major point guard, he could be a very nice asset. He is simply not ready to be a leading man in this league.

So tell me what's so enticing about this roster. If Danny had kept Ryan Gomes, I'd be far more optimistic. And why did Danny have to relinquish two No. 1 draft picks? Am I the only one who thinks this stuff matters? There is nothing to suggest the Celtics won't once again be a horrible defensive team. There is no guarantee Rondo can run a team and keep order among the star trio. There is no guarantee, for that matter, that Ray Allen will play 70 games, or even 60.

By the way, I'm told the Wolves are hanging on to Ryan Gomes.  So much for that wishful thinking.

Shira Springer notes that the team will officially be luxury tax payers this year.  So if the team is going to pay a little tax, why not pay a little more?  Eddie House is nice to have, but he's not the answer to everything.  Mutumbo is also nice to have around, but he's a little old to be counted on.  This is where Wyc and company have to sign off on even more money spent on this team.  Yes you'll have to pay double for anyone you sign, but that is the price to pay for having 3 All Stars. 

Danny still says he's not done.  Here's hoping he doesn't just sign Mutumbo and call it a day.  Keep going Danny.

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