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Daily Links 8/2

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Season Schedule Released  Opening night on ESPN vs. Washington
(Printable Schedule)

Herald   Player by player look at the current roster
C’s get passion player: Garnett has serious side 
Of historic proportions: Garnett’s chapter begins in Hub  
Celtics buy new House  
Sales come alive with #5   
Globe   Title for Celtics far from a done deal   
It could get expensive  
NY Post   Marbury says don't fear KG and Celtics   
Hoopsworld   Garnett's legacy defined    
Big Three back again
Searching for a center
True Hoop    Handicapping the new East  
ESPN Insider   Celtics move from 6 to 1 on Hollinger's improved list    
ESPN    Ainge reinvents image with Garnett deal  
Celtics begin to rebuild roster - sign House   
Has the balance of power shifted in the East?
Minny minus the Big Ticket is mostly owner's fault   Living the reality   Garnett is gone   
LOY's Place   Filling out the bench  House and Manuel
Celtics 17   Celtics reservations for six   
SouthCoast Today   Pierce gets what he wants now has to deliver   
Patriot Ledger   For the Celtics, the work has only just begun   
Great Expectations - Garnett already one of us   
Demopolis  Times  Ratliff has a lot to prove next season   
Lowell Sun  Danny shows critics he's not all talk   
Daily Herald   Successful or not, Celtics a compelling drama    
Pioneer Press   Flip saw Garnett's passion    
MetroWest Daily   Celtics look to augment stars    
Hoopshype   Celtics are back on the map    
USA Today   Garnett makes the rounds at Fenway     
Hartford Courant   Major League welcome     
Ventura County Star   Trade makes Celtics a three headed monster  
Hutchinson Leader   Monday's trades tough to take       
Star Tribune   Granddaughter of Wolves owner on bridge when it collapsed    
After all this, there certainly ought to be a rise in fall    
Sporting News   Celtics and Garnett lost out big     
The Ledger   Celtics run will be short       
LJ World    Celtics looking at Pollard     
Blogging About Books   Boston Celtics Conspiracy theories    
NY Times   To be title contenders again Celtics look to Garnett        
6 ABC  Dick Vitale on the trade       
Contra Costa Times   NBA reworks TV schedule after Garnett trade, to come out Thursday     
Basketball Jones   The long fingers of the law      
Showboating   The battle for PJ Brown     
Red's Army   The Big Three talk     
WBAY   Celtics interested in Charlie Bell    
Hoops Blink   12 consequences of the KG trade   In an age of apathy Garnett brings energy and enthusiasm   Garnett makes a splash at Fenway    
College Humor
   We were also traded for KG   
New York Hate of Mind    Living Green again       
The Phoenix   Garnett Boston and race      
I Heart KG   Slowly coming to terms with the trade    
Mad Dog Blog  Saying good bye to a good friend   Remember the ref scandal?  It's still there       
I'm Not Saying   Celtics pride is back again    
  Traveshamockery KG to wear Bill Walton's number    
Fox Sports    Pros of KG deal outweigh the cons    

 I apologize for being so late with the links but I had an appointment this morning and even getting up at 5 am I couldn't get them done before I left.   Also, if I missed some in my haste I will try to catch them for you tomorrow. 

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