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Daily Links 8/20   USA Basketball roster math    
Indy Cornrows   Paul Pierce empathizes with JO    
LOY's Place   The case for Perk having a break out season    
Celtic Thug's Blog   Kevin Garnett as the recruiter    
AM NY  Good morning Mr Stern your wake up call is here    
Draft Express   Is the NBA full?    
Star Tribune   5 new faces preparing to spur Wolves fresh start   
Boederbucks    Ranking the dream teams   
Celtics 17    Are threes in the Celtics future? 
Star Telegram   Is golden dream dying for the US?    
Got Garnett   Kobe hurt Lakers and himself      

I guess we are in the calm before the storm because there were no articles in any of the Boston papers and very few new blog articles either.  So, here are the links, such as they are. 

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