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Celtics Links - 8/21/07

Boston Herald
Bond set at $5 million in Walker, Curry robberies.  
Globe Celtics Blog
Rondo helps out.
Green Room
Loy's Place
A most common affliction. Green Bandwagon Note - Well worth a read. Pretty soon a friend of yours will have plantar fasciitis. It's only a matter of time. Once several athletes get diagnosed with something, the masses follow suit.
No Blood No Foul
Celtics can't win a championship with Rondo.
Russell reminisces.
Man shot at Wizards' Stevenson's home. Green Bandwagon Note - This is downright bizarre. You really need to check out
True Hoop on this one. Something is not right.
Celtics Blog
Now it's their problem.
Sports of Boston
Player preview: Glen Big Baby Davis.
Red's Army
Is Damon the answer? Green Bandwagon Note - If he is I don't want to know the question.
Tanguay: Miller time.
Talking New Timberwolves.

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