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All Day Quick Hits - Defense?

I couldn't come up with any ideas for one long article so I figured I'd try something new.  I've created 8 topics to discuss - one for each hour of the working day.  I've posted them on time delay, so they'll show up at the top of each hour.  I'll start a subject, and you can comment on it below the post.  Good luck getting any work done today.  Here's the first subject:

Tom Thibodeau was brought in as the lead assistant and defensive guru.  3 of our starters are known for their defense (Rondo, Garnett, Perkins).  Three of our top subs can hold their own on defense (Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, Scot Pollard).  Two of our end-of-bench guys can play spot minutes of tough D (Wallace, Manuel).  So does that mean we'll finally play decent defense this year?

On the flipside, Pierce and Ray Allen will be defending the perimeter for 30 minutes a game each.  Neither has proven that they can sustain defensive intensity over the course of a year.  Do we really know if Tony Allen's lateral quickness will be back anytime soon?  Right now our backup point is Eddie House.  Enough said.  Reggie Miller wouldn't exactly be brought in as a defensive stopper.  And of course, Doc Rivers is still our coach.

Discuss.  (Next topic appears in one hour)

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