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All Day Quick Hits - Backup PG?

I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but I think that we might just be in need of a backup point guard.  I know this is a totally new concept coming out of nowhere that you certainly haven't read 300 times this week alone, but it is true.

Sarcasm aside, the usual disclaimer must be given: This is not a knock on Rondo.  He's just young and needs to grow into the position.  Besides, he can't play 48 minutes a game.

So where will that backup point come from?  The guys that we thought would be options have signed either elsewhere (Knight, Atkins), are no longer available with what we have to trade (Bibby, Dre Miller), or are just plain too old or ornery or both to help much (Payton).

Ainge has gone into wait-and-see mode.  That probably means he's thinking somebody worth getting is going to be cut before or during camp.  Simmons thinks that guy could be Sam Cassell.  Some think that guy might be Saras Jasikevicius.  Or perhaps it will be Tyronn Lue.  Who am I forgetting?  Who would you want to sign?

(Note: The rumor out today is that Ruben Patterson wants to play for the Celtics - he's not a point guard, but it is a similar subject.)

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