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All Day Quick Hits - Position Battles

Final cuts are always a fun topic in training camp, but they seldom have any impact on a meaningful season.  I mean, if you have your 15th man playing significant minutes, ...well, you have what we had last year.  Still, on a roster that needs cheap talent to develop into something more down the line, Danny will have to make sure he cuts the right guy.

The way I figure it, the team will likely sign the 2 second round picks.  I'm hoping that they'll sign a backup point guard.  If they sign Reggie Miller as well, that leaves us one man over the roster limit.  So who gets cut?  Jackie Manuel makes the most sense but he'll at least get a chance to fight Brandon Wallace for that last spot.  Who would you cut?

There's also the chance that someone could be invited to camp that could give one or both of those guys a run for their money.  Who would you invite to camp?

The more relevant issue in this year's camp might be position battles.  Of course the starters are all but set in stone.  After that, everything is up for grabs.

Point Guard: If nobody is signed to backup Rondo, who fills in?  Is House up to the task?  Will Pruitt prove to be a quick learner?  Will Tony Allen and/or Ray Allen see time bringing the ball up the court?

Power Forward: Leon Powe has the early leg up on Glen Davis with a strong summer league, but Davis has more overall talent.  Who will win more minutes early on?  Who's the long term solution?

Where does Scalabrine fit in to the plans?  Is he a power forward or a small forward?

How deep will Doc's rotation go?  9? 10? More?

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