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Globe Shakeup

Some interesting news from Scott's Shots on the staff changes at the Boston Globe:

Scott's Shots has confirmed the rumor that the vacant Ron Borges position at the Boston Globe will be filled by an NBA writer, Marc Spears of the Denver Post. The move would seem to indicate that current Celtics beat writer, Shira Springer, will be removed from her Celts' duties and re-assigned within the sports desk (most likely as a sports features writer).

We will have more on the pending move for Friday's edition of Scott's Shots, but for now, here (scroll down to last question) is a little background on the San Jose-native, Spears, for your perusal. His work has also appeared on and at

Spears will join Christopher L. Gasper as the city's only minority sports writers. (Gasper is technically bi-racial with a white father and African-American mother.) Spears is the first new minority hire since Jerome Solomon left the Globe to return to Houston after one year on the Patriots beat.

No word yet on his official start date with the Globe.

. . . By replacing an NFL/Boxing position with an NBA writer, the Globe is seemingly acknowledging both that Mike Reiss and Gasper are doing commendable, capable work on the NFL beat AND that Springer was not carrying her load on the Celtics beat.

Peter May's NBA columnist role for the Globe is not believed to be affected by the Spears hire.

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