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Rondo Article and Interview

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This year, however, Rondo suddenly finds himself with some intriguing options, surrounded by three guys who can all score at will. If anything, his biggest challenge may be resisting the urge of deference and seizing control of the offense. Rondo did make one thing clear: he's ready to call the shots on the floor this year, and he won't be shy when it comes time to give Garnett, Allen or Pierce a point in the right direction.

"When I'm out there playing with them, we're all basketball players. I don't look at how many All-Star (appearances) they have or how long they've been in the league. If they're in the wrong direction I'm going to speak up and direct them, whether it's Paul Pierce or an incoming rookie like Gabe Pruitt," Rondo said. "I'm just going to have to be more of a leader. Even though those guys have been in the league so long, I'm still going to have to direct them and tell them where to go."

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