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Daily Links 8/23

Herald   USA team wins 112-69 against Venezuela    
Marbury calls dog fighting a sport, defends Vick    Rondo welcomes challenge    
Sports Media Watch    Time Warner to snag NBA TV   Flea sees an evil Celtics conspiracy against the Lakers   
LOY's Place   Remembering Larry Legend   Eddie Griffin's tragic story    
Hartford Courant   Donaghy points to other refs    
A Matter of Balls    More Miller time?    
Armchair GM   Griffin's death causes re-evaluation of leaving school early   
Sonic Central    Who was that guy who made all the big shots?   Team USA in laugher over Venezuela but...    
The Knicks Fix   Something to consider: Demetris Nichols on the Celtics   On the green with Zo and Shaq   
M&M Boston    The face of a franchise   
Celtics 17    Reuben Patterson wants to be a Celtic   
Orlando Sentinel     Foyle agrees to terms with Orlando  
Scott's Shots   Shira out and Spears in  at the Globe   
NBullsA Basketball    The Celtics and the USA team    
Phawker   Stephen A Smith stripped of column     
Only 10 Things    What an amazing four months this has been   
Shamrock Headband    Rollin down the river    Dreaded ACL tears no longer career ending     Tony Allen and Big Baby   (go to bottom and 2/3 of the way down the list is link for this video) 


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