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Celtic Pride

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It's summer and things are pretty slow right now. So I made the ultimate sacrifice last week and put Celtic Pride in my Netflix queue. I should have known something was off when it took two extra days to arrive because as I was informed via e-mail, "Your movie was not available at your local shipping center." Okay that happens. Well then I threw it in. It turns out the movie was scratched and I only watched the first twenty-five minutes and the last five. This may have been a blessing in disguise. However, instead of a comprehensive review I just have a few random points:

Daniel Stern is a pretty interesting guy. He was the narrator in The Wonder Years and had a big role in Home Alone. For that alone I appreciate the guy. Yet Celtic Pride was a terrible movie and at no point did I think, "He's better than this." Meanwhile, Dan Akroyd is a bit different. By 1996 that was a perfect role for him. But if you've read Saturday Night it is disappointing to see Akroyd there. He was a legitimate bad ass. And funny too. It's tough to get old.

Damon Waynes is the villain. And early in the movie he appears in a commercial that is a blatant rip off of Charles Barkley's classic ad from the early 90s. I started to get angry and then Nike's swoosh flashed on the screen. So they basically ripped off themselves. Odd. But anytime I can link to Charles Barkley I will. Isn't it amazing how controversial his commercial was? He makes a great point in it. I mean is Rick Davis a role model?

Christopher McDonald played, Coach Kimball, the crazed man leading the Utah Jazz. Does that ring a bell? What if I said he was the same Christopher McDonald that played Travis Cole (Dirty Work) and the phenomenal Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore)? Now we're talking. Fantastic!

I can't stress this enough. Celtic Pride is a terrible, terrible movie.

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