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More James Posey

At the end of my last post I touched upon the Posey/Chicago Bulls blood feud. I have to be honest it puts a little hop in my step to see that he inspired a "Posey sucks" chant. Someone outside of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce has to do the dirty work. Teams win games with guys like Posey. He's the type of guy I would hate to play against in a pick up game. And not just because I'm an out of shape never was and he is an NBA player. I mean his style is infuriating. He's like a more under the radar, and in my opinion talented, Bruce Bowen.

Speaking of Bowen. Check out the pictures below from Fashionable Male on Flickr. He's got a great shot of Allen glaring at Bowen and another one of a furious Allen, ready to pounce.

And let's not forget that Ray Allen has the guts to call out Kobe Bryant. So in a short amount of time the C's picked up a franchise player (Kevin Garnett), an All Star with  an under the radar mean streak (Ray Allen), a one dimensional scorer (Eddie House), a humorous, injury prone big man (Scot Pollard) and now a defensive minded role player who is not afraid to mix it up (Posey). Maybe C's fans are a bit too optimistic. But there is no denying that there is reason for optimism.

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