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Daily Links 8/25

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Herald   No Miller Time but it may be Jones, Patterson or Posey time
Globe   Miller declines Celtics invitation    
NY Post    Nets join Celtics in chase for Posey      
Hoopsworld   The 11th hour  
LOY's Place   Patterson, Posey or Jones?     
Sun Sentinel   Posey likely leaving Heat for better offer    
I Dislike Your Favorite Team   Danny Ainge is this close to suiting up again     
Scott's Shots   More on Marc Spears, new Globe writer   Straight shooter:  Redd's perimeter accuracy is just what team USA needs    
Reggie Miller stays retired after being courted by the Celtics  
ProBasketball News   The Amico report   
Celtics 17    Reggie Miller (fl)ops out    
Timberwolves    Battle of the Bloggers 2     
Indy Star   For Reggie there is no bad decision    
ESPN    Miller's comeback shot snuffed by lengthy season    
Green Bandwagon    Celtics Pride   
Got Garnett   No big bigs   
Boston Sports Review   Big Ticket to Paradise     
Boederbucks   Around the Blogosphere and reaction    

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