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Daily Links 8/26

Herald   Ainge has dug up old bones   
Celtics agree to terms with Posey   
Celtics pick Posey to get tough  
Globe   A Pierce fish story, Garnett's intensity and more      
Posey is a fit with the Celtics    
Globe Celtics Blog    More on  Posey    
MetroWest Daily    Big Baby on board      
Hoopsworld   Celtics sign James Posey    
ESPN   Team USA puts the hammer down    
Posey agrees to 2 year contract with revamped Celtics   
LOY's Place   What the Posey signing brings to the Celtics    
Red's Army   Total overhaul    
Enterprise    Hammering out their bench, C's add Posey       
Salt Lake Tribune   Utah Flash built on NBA ties   
Hoopsvibe   Pacers must trade JO before opt out clause hits    
Green Bandwagon   More James Posey   
Next Gen Sports Weblog   I got it:  USA basketball    
Only 10 Things   Roster turned over by 3/5ths in two months  
Sun Sentinel    Posey the latest Celtics addition      
Bullets Forever   Competition discussion:  Boston      
Sports of Boston    Player preview:  Leon Powe    
Celtics 17    15 might really be 8     
Daily Basketball   The Dream Teams  international misfit        
FSN      Doc ribbing Isaiah,  Garnett in Vegas to work out and lots more        

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