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One Vote Against High Socks

In my last post I wondered if high socks were cool. Ultimately, even after acknowledging my strong bias against them, I begrudgingly accepted that all NBA players are cooler than me and by extension then high socks are cool. I even went as far to say,

"Now I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Posey is cooler than me. Everyone in the NBA is, Brian Scalabrine included. Well everyone but Damon Jones. He tries way too hard."

Well earlier today I was on YouTube and I came across the following clip:

The plot thickens. Regardless of what I said about Sclabrine, that has to hurt the high socks movement. I don't care that he went to USC and probably did pretty well there. And I'm not talking about academics or basketball. I think this calls for an exhaustive study of which players wear high socks and by default who does not. For the time being I will lay low. However, you can expect sporadic updates during the regular season. That's it for now.

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