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The Accidental Contender

Red's Army had an interesting take on the offseason yesterday.  The main point being that every move Ainge made was a "plan B or C" and that he's more lucky than good for having it all work out as it has.  The original "plan A" was a top draft pick and "plan B" was to go after Garnett, but we ended up trading for Ray Allen as "plan C" and then things fell into place. 

I think this is a fair point, but I would argue that Ainge wouldn't have stopped with just getting Garnett.  He would have pressed onward to put players around him.  Then again, you can't blame KG for being skeptical of such a plan.  He's been hearing the same thing in Minnesota for years.  So Danny rolled the dice, picked up Ray Allen (who didn't make nearly as much sense set apart from KG) and made sure he still had the assets left to pick up KG.

Now it seems like Posey was our second choice after waiting on Reggie Miller to make up his mind.  However, we had been talking with Posey for a while and only recently has the situation in Miami changed enough that his market value fell into our price range.  It just worked out well that Miller was off the table just as Posey was becoming a real posibility.

So in a way, Ainge was both lucky and good.  Sort of a perfect storm offseason.  Here's hoping that we can ride that wave right on through the year.

Bonus Question: Knowing what you know now, would you rather have won the lottery or had things play out as they have?  (Keeping in mind the long term potential of guys like Oden/Durant, Jefferson, Green, and whomever we could have gotten for Pierce)

Note: tenaciousT started all this, blame him.

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