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A Chill Pill for the Kingmakers and Naysayers Alike

Very nice, balanced article by Mike Martin at Full Court Press:

After two years of wandering in the NBA desert, the Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett trades were the basketball version of a tropical oasis for the Celtics. I would have expected the thirsty fans to pause for refreshment, maybe a change of clothes (a #5 jersey, perhaps) before doing anything else. Instead everyone from fans to bloggers to sportswriters seemed to jump right into the Budweiser Hot Seat, anxious to give their snap assessment of the team's ceiling and thus the value of the bold moves by Danny Ainge and Celtics ownership.

Now that would be all well and good in the natural order of things, except that it's August. No games to play. No defense to solidify. No chemistry to develop. From where I've been sitting, it's all seemed a little premature. The funny thing was, even when someone like the usually estimable Bob Ryan tried to point this out, he went way too far in the other direction, demanding Hall of Famers and All-Stars in complementary roles before he would give this team his blessing.

Read the rest here.

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