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Bright Lights, Big Ticket

I can't remember the last time I so eagerly anticipated the release of the Celtics schedule.  I was like getting a late birthday present.  When it was published, I found the link on our forums and printed it out right away (with pen in hand).  This is going to be a fun year.

Here are the ESPN and TNT games (compiled by BSMW)

Fri Nov 2 Washington 8:00pm, ESPN
Thu Nov 29 New York 8:00pm, TNT
Fri Nov 30 @ Miami 8:00pm, ESPN
Fri Dec 21 Chicago 7:00pm, ESPN
Thu Dec 27 @ Seattle 10:30pm, TNT
Thu Jan 31 Dallas 8:00pm, TNT
Fri Feb 8 @ Minnesota 8:00pm, ESPN
Sun Feb 10 San Antonio 7:00pm, ESPN
Fri Feb 22 @ Phoenix 10:30pm, ESPN
Fri Mar 7 Chicago 8:00pm, ESPN

Of course this "story" is being covered by all the outlets.  The Globe and Herald have their articles, but I thought I'd quote Scott Souza today:

When was the last time the release of a Celtics schedule created a buzz?

Times have certainly changed in a hurry around here, and the networks were quick to react with 10 games slated for either ESPN or TNT on the official NBA schedule, which was revealed yesterday. More could potentially be added late in the season. It's likely the number was a small fraction of that before Tuesday's trade that brought in 10-time All-Star Kevin Garnett to go with seven-time All-Star Ray Allen and five-time All-Star Paul Pierce.

"We're happy to receive the national TV exposure," said Celtics president Rich Gotham. "Nationally televised games have a certain buzz around them that makes them special for fans."

Gotham, you'll remember, is the man most responsible for bringing us the dancers, after game concerts, and other such gimmickry.  You can almost picture him sitting in his office, discheveled looking, tearing out his hair trying to come up with another way to get fans in the seats and entertained.  Then Ainge comes along and says, why don't we just use this: and produces a big red Easy button from Staples.  Click: KG. 

Bonus link: here's a rundown of games to look forward to by Jessica Camerato

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