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Salvage Trades

Section F Sports has some trade ideas for the Celtics to fill out the roster. (hat tip to TrueHoop)

The only player with a salary meaty enough to move is Brian Scalabrine, but that is only because Ainge made the moronic decision to pay the guy $3 million per. Hard to imagine anyone wanting this stiff.

That said, trying to trade Scalabrine + one is probably Boston's only hope. Here are some possible deals that could help, all of them stretches (because that is the hand Ainge and Co. just dealt themselves)

None of the trades really impress me much, but we're no longer bargaining from a position of strength here.  Either we hang tight with what we've got (plus whatever else we can find in the Free Agent bargain bin) or we will likely have to sacrifice future picks which will be ultra-valuable to us down the line.  Scalabrine is our only movable contract and like it or not, he might be a valuable role player on this team.

Section F is also a big believer in Rondo.

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