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Daily Links 8/3

Herald  Celtics are a hot ticket   
Globe   Celtics in the national spotlight    
For FSN Garnett deal is a slam dunk  
Commercial Appeal  Navarro decision due today    
Metro    Garnett is the winning ticket    
Hoopsworld   Mark your calendars   Sox fan Garnett enjoys Fenway fun   
Satch Sanders receives lifetime achievement award  
LOY's Place   Bitter Sweet   
SouthCoast Today   Celtics on the verge of veteran additions   
MetroWest Daily  Celtics going on national tour  Celtics overplay their hand    
FSN     Lots of video to watch from KG press conference and interview with Mike Gorman    
Sun Herald  Garnett wants to end Celtics 21 year drought   Rondo now plays vital role for Celtics   
Sports Frappe   Must be the chowda     
MSNBC   Celtics vault to the top of Eastern Conference    
NCZonline  Garnett is a C,  is it good?    
Hartford Courant   Celtics hope to tap Connecticut fan base again  
Patriot Ledger   Now the Celtics need to fill out their bench     
I Bleed Basketballs   Don't sleep on Minnesota    
M&M    The KG impact   Al Jefferson interview     
Bleacher Report   Kevin Garnett fallout Reservations about the Celtics    
The Bulletin   Oh no, not the Celtics   Sanders to receive Hall of Fame achievement award    
Simon on Sports    Countering my anti trade thoughts      
Hoops Addict    Analyzing the Kevin Garnett deal      
Only 10 Things   10 Consequences of the trade     
NY Daily News   Celtics add on with House     
On the Ball   Light at the end of a long tunnel    
Section F Sports   Salvage trades     
Green Bandwagon   Farewell and good luck     
Armchair GM   Now or 2015   
Sports in Boston   Motombo to the Celtics      
BasketBawful   Eastern conference predictions     
YAY Sports   Rondo is more than a point guard   
He shall lead them like Moses... Err Rondo       
NBA Glue   A reason to cheer again    
Rotowire   Wolves may cut Gomes (according to Celtics Blog)   Wizards Blatche charged with solicitation     
The domino effect      
Ranking the East 1-15 (Celtics come in 3rd)     
Globe and Mail    Saunders barely misses bridge collapse       
Movie Web   Rick Fox gets his own show        
Courtside View   Going primetime      
Newsday  Celtics miss a shot at basketball immortality    
The Mighty Q    One member of the media likes this trade     
The Shamrock Headband   Reversal of fortune        
The Coach's Take   Enough of this guy already
Bangor Daily News   It's easier being green with Garnett    
Star Tribune   When busy sports news days put in perspective  


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