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Open Letter To The Wet Blankets

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Very funny article by Kevin Henkin of BSMW Full Court Press:

In the wake of the Kevin Garnett trade, the reaction of a pocket of fans (and perhaps a certain high-profile writer at the Boston Globe) reminds me of an old Henny Youngman joke, which goes as follows:

A grandmother is at the Florida coast with her grandson. The grandson is playing on the beach when a big wave washes him the kid out to sea. The lifeguards swim out, bring him back to shore, the paramedics work on him for a long time, pumping the water out, reviving him. They then turn to the grandmother and say, "We saved your grandson." The grandmother looks down and says, "He had a hat!"

For the people who have been complaining loudly about the lack of bench depth before Danny Ainge has even had a chance to finish assembling his roster, I recommend you forget about the damn hat for a moment and try to put things in perspective. Try to remember where the Celtics were and have been for far too long before casting your wet blanket on the euphoria.