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Remembering Most

JohnnyFLCeltsFan has a nice article on Johnny Most at LOY's Place.  Here is a bit on the nicknames he had for opposing players that gave me a nostalgic laugh:

Most was never shy about criticizing the other team's players. One time Most described the Los Angeles Lakers' Kurt Rambis as "something that had crawled out of a sewer." He also nicknamed Washington Bullets players Rick Mahorn and Jeff Ruland as "McFilthy" and "McNasty." Kareem Abdul Jabbar was "Kareem Puff" and Isaiah Thomas was referred to as "Little Lord Fauntleroy." He called Magic Johnson "Crybaby Johnson" when he challenged a referee's call. Most's pro-Celtic descriptions could turn shoving matches into "bloodbaths" and minor fouls into "vicious muggings" and once during a game in Detroit, he loudly proclaimed, "Oh the yellow, gutless way they do things here." When a player such as Xavier McDaniel would come to the Celtics after being a favorite target of Most's venom, he would suddenly be rehabilitated into a wonderful guy.

Good times.  I also seem to remember him calling Dominique Wilkins something like "Princess" (or some royalty name) because of the calls he would get in the playoffs.

I miss Johnny.

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