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Posey (Good, Bad, Ugly)

ManchvegasBob has a nice look at James Posey at Celtics17.   He breaks down the good (defense), bad (injuries), and ugly (the borderline thugging of the Bulls - may actually be a good thing).  One quote worth noting was Riley's assessment of his game: 

Also categorized as "sobering" is that Pat Riley, in the July 7th South Florida Sun-Sentinel , stated that "James is acrobatic, energy, will make threes, make cuts to the basket, but he’s not a playmaker, that’s not his strength, has never been his strength. . . . He’s not one of those guys that can play pick-and-roll basketball. He doesn’t have a real high offensive skill level. That’s not a criticism; that’s a reality."  But I think the Celtics can probably live with that reality . . .

I do too.  I think on offense he'll struggle to do more than hit some open jumpers and get hustle baskets, but thats fine with me.  There are enough other playmakers on the team.

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