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Labor Day

Partly because I will be in a secluded mountain destination and partly because this weekend represents the last gasp of summer, I will not be blogging for the next few days. I'm pretty sure this is called blog suicide. And this is on the heels of a pretty sporadic three months of content.  However, upon my return I will pull a Jim Harbaugh and "attack this endeavor with enthusiasm unknown to mankind" until at least June. But I will leave you with a brief review of the movies I saw this summer:

Transformers - I preface this by saying I almost turned down a 5 week job in England because Transformers came out three and a half weeks later there. On top of that I did not have a job back home to replace it. And I was actually torn about my decision until I saw the movie. I left the theater dazed and confused. It was so over the top and Optimus Prime was turned into a complete loser. It's hard to get much cornier than the Optimus Prime Jesus inspired death scene from the original movie. But Michael Bay and company did it. Furthermore, I remember thinking, "this movie is why people hate America." Now that is an overreaction. I probably should give it a second chance.

The Simpsons Movie - This is a powerful lesson in expectations. I started watching the Simpsons in third grade. I'm shocked that they still make new episodes and stopped watching years ago. So I thought the movie would be okay. But I really enjoyed it. It was funny, had some good twists and was not too short or too long. An enjoyable movie experience.

Superbad - I consider Michael Cera the comedic genius of his generation. So I liked it. I'm still surprised they made it. And I wonder what's next in terms of crossing the line. Also, his might be the movie you absolutely do not want to be caught watching with parents, grandparents and so on under any circumstances.

Bourne Ultimatum - I haven't actually seen it yet, which is odd. But I'm pretty sure it is going to be awesome.

Enjoy your fireworks, cookouts/barbecues, long weekend and so on.

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