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C's Open Wallet

Mark Murphy contrasts the current ownership group with Thanksdad Gaston.

In comparison, current Celtics ownership has gone on a spree. As a result of Tuesday’s trade for Kevin Garnett and the three-year extension that will pay the 10-time All-Star $60 million after he earns $46 million over the next two seasons, the Celtics will pay at least $6 million in luxury taxes on a payroll that currently stands at $69,446,087 - fourth highest in the NBA

Believe it or not, there are no plans for a ticket price increase (yet):

For the moment, anyway, management doesn’t intend to make its brimming base of season ticket-holders help float Garnett’s deal in the form of a price increase.

"Ticket demand is through the roof, which is one thing that will help. And then there are the playoffs, and more revenue comes that way. But this was a basketball decision." 

Though it would be a stretch to say that Garnett could almost pay for himself by virtue of greater ticket sales, playoff revenue and increased merchandising, there is more of a financially secure feeling on Causeway Street these days.

I saw it reported elsewhere that the C's sold $2M in tickets before the trade even was made official.  (Do I get a commission on that for sorta-breaking the story early?)

Glad to see the ownership willing to open the wallet.  If you want, you can go buy a jersey or two to keep them motivated to do it more.

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