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Daily Links 8/4

Herald    C’s open wallet: Sparing no expense    
LA Times  Clippers sign Brevin Knight  
Brand ruptures Achilles tendon
Commercial Appeal   Grizzlies trade for Navarro   
Hoopsworld   East not an equal yet   
ESPN   Minnesota requests waivers on Hudson after contract buyout   
Lakers inaction fuels Kobe's frustration  
Refs see themselves in a no win situation   
LOY's Place   The importance of chemistry   
Tommy Heinsohn interview from  FSN
Celtics 24/7    Back when we had a future    
Full Court Press   An open letter to wet blankets    
Journal Constitution  Looking at the new look East    
NBA Glue   A question mark  
Projo   Allen was key in bringing Garnett to Boston   
Basketbawful  Stern's first conspiracy 1984 finals    
NY Daily News   At 43 Oakley wants to play again   
Sports in Boston   Complete Garnett press conference video   
Section F Sports   A Rondo believer   Rookie Survey   
Hungry like the Wolves fans
Star Tribune   Al Jefferson is not KG but he is good    
HoopsAddict   Celtics Ainge playing backyard basketball     
YAY Sports  Minnesota is screwed      
Armchair GM   Rome was not built in a day    
The Enterprise   Celtics loss will be Wolves gain in Big Al     
Bay Area Sports   Warriors get the opposite of Kevin Garnett    
A Boston Sports Fan's Blog   Contenders or not?   Introducing Ryan Gomes    
Chicago Sports Report   Danny's last gasp     
NBC Sports   Garnett will make an impact throughout the league       
Fox Sports     10 worst number switches in sports      

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