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Daily Links 8/6

Herald  Easing Pierce's burden    
Rockets guard Alston arrested in Houston
Globe   Garnett's thought process through trade    
NY Daily News   New big three has small playoff resume     
Conta Costra Times   Barnes returning to Golden State with a one year deal     
ESPN Insider   Celtics should win the East    
Ray Allen interview 
LOY's Place    The window    
Celtics 24/7     Beware of bandwagoners   
Back when we had a future       
Daily News   Pruitt hopes for playing time  
Burnside   The Garnett Deal    
Celtics 17   Moveable feast  
Sports Column    The trade heard around the world     
Star Tribune   Why the Wolves should retire #21    
Daily Game   Garnett to Z-Bo  no all star game for you    
Hoopsvibe   Eastern Conference makes power moves     
Daily Basketball   Are the Celtics really  a title contender?    
Postcards   Garnett loss already felt in Minnesota    
MetroWest Daily   Truth back in the spirit         
Breaking Down the NBA   Comparing KG, Pierce and Ray Allen to the NBA's best trios        
Club Celtics  The Celtics big three      
FanNation  TWolves committee traded Garnett    
Shamrock Headband   Knights and prophets    
Bleacher Report   Garnett trade:  good news, bad news for the Celtics     
Can Danny   What about the West?    
Touching All Bases   Nine Innings - House is a clubhouse comedian    
Metro   The NBA needs the Celtics again     
Sports in Boston   The Kevin Garnett drama in audio and video    
Wages of Wins Journal   The superstar theory or how to win a championship    
Get Garnett   Celtics were the only player for KG    
T'Wolves Blog   Where do we go from here?    
Red's Army   Happy Days are here again     
Boston Sports Fan's Blog   Where have you gone?  A look at the rest    
NBA Glue   Who gets it?    
NY Daily News   Pal says rogue referee wants to tell his tale   
SouthCoast Today   With new big three, time is now for Rivers  
Worcester Telegram   Dealing with the fallout    
Seattle Times  Ray Allen:  from content to contender  Sixers have patience and will need it    
Washington Post   Offseason moves shift power from West to East      
Canton Rep   Garnett makes Celtics a contender   
Celtics News    The Celtics should have a big Sebastian Telfair night at the Gah-den   

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