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Chris Broussard: C's Should Win East

Chris Broussard from ESPN blogs (Insider):

I don't care that puny, inexperienced Rajon Rondo may be their starting point guard. I don't care that Kendrick Perkins, whose career scoring average is 4 points, may be their starting center. I don't care that the Celtics' bench is currently as deep as a baby pool.

The Boston Celtics of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen should reach the NBA Finals. Period. No excuses.

If Garnett's truly the player we think he is, the player talent evaluators around the league rave about, the player who should one day enter the Hall of Fame, shouldn't Pierce and Allen be enough help to win the East?

Later he adds:

Am I guaranteeing the Celtics will win the East?

No. I'm just saying they should.

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