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Celtics Carnival Of Blogs

For the last week or so it has been completely impossible to track all the articles writen by both traditional media and blogs in any comprehensive sort of way.  FLCeltsFan gets a huge standing ovation for the fantastic work she's been doing by getting the dozens of daily links up all week.  But even she has missed an article here or there. 

There have been dozens of great articles (as well as a few forgettable ones and at least a couple downright disappointing ones).  Newspapers and traditional media outlets get most of the attention, but it would be a shame to overlook the efforts of bloggers.  This site has been blessed to have a number of writers beside myself check in with their thoughts, but believe it or not there are other high quality blogs about the Celtics out there.

Many of you have heard of the Carnival of the NBA, which basically gathers articles written by bloggers and posts links to them on the "host" blog (which changes each time).  All the participating blogs link to the host article and everyone gets more exposure for their blogs.  Needless to say I love the spirit of collaboration and sharing of ideas between blogs.  So it got me thinking; given The Trade and the plethora of Celtics blogs out there, we should do a Celtic-centric Carnival. 

So without further ado, here are some highlights from around the web:

LOY's Place: If you aren't reading LOY's Place, you are missing out.  This is where FLCeltsFan gets to do more than link.  She is perhaps the most prolific Celtics writer on the web.

Can Danny: One of Danny Ainge's harshest critics is starting to warm to him, ...reluctantly.

Green Bandwagon: Part of the SB Nation network of blogs and avid NBA Jam player.

Red's Army: Kings of off-beat comedy.

Celtics 24/7: One of the best looking blogs out there and a lot of passion for the team.

Celtics 17: Part of the MVN network of blogs.  TenaciousT picked up where Jughead left off and ran with it.

Only 10 Things: Everyone loved Gant's posts at RealGM so now he has a blog of his own.

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