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Gomes Shoots Down Rumor

Since Ainge and the Celtics have so much love for Gomes, could he be wearing Celtics green again? Could it be as early as next season lined up next to K.G. after all?

Eh. Not likely. But that's the rumor going around, that the Wolves are going to cut him and the Celtics will pick him up. When asked about it Monday, Gomes said he heard the rumor, too, but isn't buying into it.

"I think it's just something floating around because everyone knows how good they feel about me and I feel about them, but if something like that was to happen ... I mean Minnesota is trying to build something and the one thing I thought about in all of this is that they really wanted me. They wanted me to make the deal work. That's got to make you feel good, but if that was to happen, where they would cut me, the thing about that is you would be able to sign with anybody."

Does that mean he wouldn't look for a return to Boston?

"If something like that happened, that would be the first place I would want to go, but you just never know," Gomes said.

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