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Celtics Links - 8/8/07 - Back in the USA edition

So after 5 weeks in England I made it back home. I will say that I had an excellent burger over there. So the biggest deal about coming home thus far has been the FSN commercial where Garnett inexplicably dunks on the old Paul Pierce/Antoine Walker Celtics and then screams. Long story short it is awesome. And now I am getting back to the links. As always thanks to FLCeltsFan of Loy's Place for the links. It is good to be home.

Boston Herald
Pollar boosts inside depth.  Green Bandwagon Note - Excuse me for not getting overly excited about this pick up. He is an injury prone big man who is not much of an offensive threat. Although I do love the fact that he is not a role model. What else is there to say? He changes hairstyles a lot. Hopefully he and Pierce have some sort of Kansas bond. But seriously look at how many games he has played over the last several seasons.
McHale's 2 big moves awash his Timberwolves in Celtics Green Green Bandwagon Note - McHale's trades would make a lot more sense if the Timberwolves were the new Bulls. The new Celtics? It seems odd.
Breakdown of the Celtics Bench. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm absolutely terrified by the fact that Tony Allen's name is coming up in reference to point guard play. Remember when Tommy Heinsohn came up with his three-dribble rule for Allen last year and everybody agreed that it was a great idea? Tony Allen does some things really, really well. But dribbling and playmaking are not two of them.
Boston Globe
Rondo won't pass up shot. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm about a week overdue on a Rondo post. Hopefully I'll get one up soon. For the time being though check out YAY!Sports NBA, of Orange Roundie fame to catch up on some Rondo discussion.
Ainge big on Pollard. Green Bandwagon Note - I don't love Pollard. But it is encouraging to see Ainge build a veteran squad. And yes I just criticized Pollard. But if we learned anything over the last season or two, it has to be that youth will only take a team so far.
Random Video
Minnesota press conference in case you missed it.
Loy's Place
The MVP factor.
Pioneer Press
Jefferson a real loyal guy, thinking long term with the Wolves.
Celtics 17
From Nieman Marcus to KMart - are we done?
Can Danny
A Scot in the dark.
Nugg Doctor
Nuggets nation thanks Danny Ainge. Green Bandwagon Note - I've been a Nugg Doctor fan for about as long as I've been blogging. And I found this post clever. Just throwing that out there.

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