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Daily Links 8/8

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Herald   Pollard bolsters inside depth    
McHale’s 2 big moves awash his Timberwolves in Celtic green  
Breakdown of the Celtics bench     
Globe   Rondo won't pass up shot    
Ainge big on Pollard
Video     Minnesota press conference in case you missed it    
Hoopsworld   Celtics sign Scott Pollard      
LOY's Place    The MVP factor    
Get Garnett    Get ready for a new generation of rivalry     
Yardbarker   Who got the better deal?   
LA Times   O'Neal to the Lakers is day to day proposition     
Indy Star    Bird and O'Neal say they are on the same page      
Pioneer Press   Jefferson a real loyal guy thinking long term with the Wolves    
The Wolves alpha males      
Hartford Courant   McHale forced to defend trade with Celtics   
Projo    Pollard agrees to sign with the Celtics    Ainge and Celtics go for broke   
Summit Daily    Celts inject life where it has long been missed       
West Coast Tribune    Garnett a class act to the end     
Blog to be Named Later   Nothing lasts forever    
Celtics 17     From Nieman Marcus to KMart - are we done?   Transcript of press conference     Former Cav Pollard signs with the Celtics     
Wages of Wins Journal    George Costanza, Danny Ainge and are the Wolves better off without KG?   
Minnesota Public Radio    Wolves welcome new players  
Can Danny    A Scot in the dark          
Basketball Jones   The real seven to watch            
ArmchairGM    Bird's still preoccupied by 1985     
Betablare   Kevin Garnett the Celtic    
Nugg Doctor   The Nuggets nation thanks Danny Ainge      
Star PM   Top 5 Big Threes       
Sports Central     Celtics are moving forward       
PhanaticMag   Do Gagne and Garnett make Boston winners?      
Parquet Pride    Scot being Scot      
Town Online      Feeling Minnesota      

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